Datebk6 S5 6.0a

Excellent calendar and organizer with a host of functions

DateBk6 for Palm OS® is one of the most advanced calendar applications available for the platform and brings a wealth of functionality not even present in most desktop calendar programs. DateBk6 uses the same databases as the built-in applications and is therefore guaranteed to be 100% compatible with your existing desktop and conduit software and runs on Palm OS 3.5 or later.

Some of Datebk 6's key features are:

  • Colors, fonts, icons, custom alarms and repeats (on both events and ToDo's) make it easy highlight important events.
  • Full integration of ToDo's, split-screen display of all databases.
  • Today screen with plug-ins (VersaMail, SnapperMail, WeatherForecast, battery status, quote-of-the-day, phases of moon - more to come!) and many ways to configure it. Note: some plug-ins written by other developers may only be trial versions which require a separate charge for a fully licensed version, although most are free.
  • Floating Reminders (advances) for items give advance warning that avoid surprises.
  • Saved Views make it possible to customize a view and then save it for future use or schedule it with a complex repeat schedule so it gets applied automatically when you want
  • Alarm Manager shows all upcoming alarms, allows you to silence all alarms to a fixed date/time, or you can designate certain events (such as meetings) to automatically silence alarms.
  • Quick Entry Templates available in all views insert standard boilerplate items with just a few taps
  • Weekly View with text shows a week-at-a-glance with the ability to read the appointment text. Year, 4-month and list views are also featured in DateBk6 and even the graphical weekly and monthly views have options to display text.
  • Use Palm OS categories to separate business from personal use or store calendars of other people, with the ability to beam an entire category to another user.
  • Colorful icons along with an icon editor provides both useful functionality and a creative outlet.
  • Sony Clie Support includes support for Small and Tiny fonts, jog dial, PCM Sound Library(OS/4/4.1 only), high density icons and collapsible graffiti on NR-70, NX-70/80, NZ-90 etc. (Half-VGA screen).
  • TimeZone management allows multiple items in different timezones to be displayed with adjustments in your current timezone.
  • Flexible purging, separate history database and undelete functions make it easy to manage past events.
  • Enhanced Date Picker has popup list of all events/ToDo's
  • Anniversary feature shows years for anniversaries or ages on birthdays - also handles birthday field in proprietary contacts database present on some newer Palm devices.
  • Link items to other items, so an appointment can link to other related appointments or ToDo's - or to contacts associated with that appointment.
  • More than 100 other features covering ease of use, and flexible configuration options make DateBk6 one of the best values in Palm OS add-on software.
  • Support. When you need help, you are talking to highly experienced Palm OS users/developers with a genuine interest in helping you - not novice support technicians at a large company that have relatively little interest in your problems.

All in all, a robust and comprehensive alternative to not only the built in organiser programs in your palm, but the other programs available on the market.

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Datebk6 S5 6.0a

User reviews about Datebk6

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  • by Tom Clarke

    Really good for staying organised.
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